Tessa Rae Sondrup

Tessa Rae Sondrup

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Little Girl.

       For the past year, there has been allot on my mind. Wondering whether or not if another baby would be coming into our lives, and whenever I thought about a baby, I always pictured a little girl, even though we would be happy with another boy. Jamyn must have know something we didn't. Last Fall, almost exactly a year ago, we were at a park, Jamyn came and sat down by Layne and I, and said, "Lets talk about my baby sister." We were both shocked. We hadn't talked with him about a little girl, or that we would be adopting again.
       On 9-29-11 We received a phone call from Amy, letting us know that she had chosen us. I had such a good conversation with her, and felt such an instant connection with her and her family. I was so happy to know that she felt the same way. She told me that when she first met us, she felt she had known me from somewhere. I also felt that as well, she looked familiar to me, and I wondered where I had seen her before. Maybe we knew each other before this life. I know that I also felt an instant connection with Cali, (Jamyn's birth Mom). I like to think that we all knew each other before this life, and these wonderful women knew that without them, our family would be impossible. The sacrifice that they go through is something that they can only understand, and that we can only imagine, but I know that we are tied together with love. 
       On 10-11-11 We were invited to go to the 20 week ultrasound appointment to find out the gender of the baby. We were so excited, and decided to bring Jamyn along, since he was so excited too. Jamyn was such a good boy, he loved watching the monitor as we pointed out the baby. When they announced it was a girl. We both were teary eyed, and just thrilled. Jamyn just kept saying, "I want her out right now". We left there all smiles, and I still haven't stopped smiling. I went that night to the store, and bought a few little pink items. We now have a crib, half her room decorations, and the clothes pile is just getting started. I can't wait to meet this beautiful little princess.  I'm also grateful that Jamyn and her with have so many similarities, her birth father is from the Caribbean Islands, and her birth mom is from Utah, so she will be darling! I am such a lucky mama, to have the two most beautiful children in this world! 
Mommy, Daddy, and big brother Jamyn.

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