Tessa Rae Sondrup

Tessa Rae Sondrup

Friday, September 16, 2011

A New Begining.

      Jamyn has been asking for nearly a year now,  "When are we getting a little baby?"  We hope that little opportunity is arriving in February. We just met a wonderful woman yesterday, Sept. 15th, who is considering us for adoption. She is due February 21st, and finds out if it's a boy or girl, in a couple weeks.
We have known about her for a few weeks, and we were so excited when she asked to meet with us. We felt like everything went really well, and that she's someone who would mesh into our family really well. We are the first family she's met with, (she is meeting another next week), but we are the only one's with another child- and who doesn't fall in love with Jamyn at first sight? We know the hard decisions she has to make in the near future, and we know we are just one of the possibilities, but whatever she decides, we know it is in the best interest of her child, and we will be content with those choices. We are so grateful for the friends that mentioned us to her, and can't thank Rachel, Stephanie, and Ali  enough for putting this together! The miracle of adoption is amazing, it brings new families close, and the new friendships that build, are ones that last a lifetime. These little children that leave a mothers loving embrace to another loving mothers arms, have so much love and adoration in there lives, they will grow up knowing what a wonderful and selfless gift there birth-mothers gave them. For those that choose adoption for there children, we know it's not an easy choice, and I feel I understand on a small scale the heartache you must go through. We know what the loss of a child feels like, and I know that our Father in heaven has a special love for little children, and he loves enough to have the wonderful plan of salvation, where families can be together forever.
With all our love,
The Sondrup Forever Family.

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